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Personally I believe that printers were went from hell to make us miserable so whenever I see something worth printing I just write it down into a journal I keep for that purpose.

As always thank you for the great resources! Great book, if you must garden in a fiel area or have poor soil. Backyard Composting — How to convert raw organic matter into finished compost. Thank you for providing the links for us. Did I mention that it is free?

14 Survival Guide PDF Downloads for FREE

Principles of Home Canning — Excellent and free guide to canning your firld produce. When complete I plan to send it to MD to do with what he wants.

Special emphasis is placed on hygiene, a healthy diet and vaccinations, and the book explains to readers what they can do themselves and how to prevent, recognize and treat many common sicknesses. Comments Just a quick note. I tried and get a website every manjal. A must for any survival library.

14 Survival Guides – PDF Downloads for FREE

Not sure if I got this link from your site a while back or not. Look on the left side of your screen.

Usrvival has my e-mail address and can pass it to you both. You click on each chapter, and only those pages are shown. Creekmore is the owner and editor of TheSurvivalistBlog. Thanks for this comprehensive list and all of your hard work. Great list of books.

Made me feel better about some of my preps, makes me realize I am soooo far behind on others. Jason, ready to be Editor in Chief? FYI, The was surgery download only seems to have the preface and contents page. Thanks for the links. Thanks for the info and the help with my problem. OhioPrepper, I have Microsoft word — thank you for your support.

I have Microsoft word — thank you for your support. I agree with every one on the list. Gary, It is finished and scheduled to be released on March 1 — stay tuned.

I will send you a link to it again. But, if not, this is a very useful disk. Bug Out Bag Meals: And thanks for the great site! The thirty pages is the table of contents. One great thing about serving in special operations is that you have open access to all the field manuals that you can carry.

Provides information on specific hazards including what to do before, during, and after each hazard type. When it comes to covering every aspect, you have done it right, M. Here is a source of info I have used: But at least I am trying and making progress. Sorry to be a jerk about it. Is it any good? If you have or earlier let us know and the document may be exported for the earlier versions of Word.