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Data Mining is nothing but some kind of logic or algorithm running on genuine historical data to bring out some kind of prediction. Type 1 is known as Changing Attribute. NET 4 and Visual Studio “. Can SilverLight run in other platforms other than window?

Retrieved March 27, On the contrary after some years Unleasged am confident this will be the sixth compulsory pillar for. Can you explain how we can separate code and XAML?

They are independent of any specific database. A model represents the state of a particular aspect of the application.

Now EF is not compulsory but depending on job descriptionit can be a make or break thing. What is use of Interlocked class? When should we use System. Also, this version is available for. For example if we want to build a car first we will build a model of a car. Can we use events with threading? How can you increase SQL performance? Optional but can make a difference C is vast, so preparing everything is just not possible.

What are different types of collections in. How to decide on the design consideration to take a Data grid, data list, or repeater? What are wait handles? How does hardware acceleration work with WPF? But professionally in the industry for doing Data Mining Cube is necessary. What are different types of caching using cache object of ASP. What are the basic steps to implement remoting? So turn on your computer, get a free compiler and editor the book tells you wherepull up a chair, and get going.

What is Service Oriented architecture? Every essential skill required to build Windows desktop-style applications is covered in the context of fully working examples. How do you handle exceptions in workflow? How can we kill a user session? Below is a simple code snippet which shows how to access a column value.

What is the query language for Data Mining?

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Now usually it is not compulsory to have a Cube or create a Cube for doing Data Mining. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Training an algorithm means that algorithm is running on a genuine historical data and as soon as it runs on the genuine data the algorithm starts working and puts some mind into it. NET training and interview question: How can we force the connection object to close after my data reader is closed?

How to disable client side script in validators? Does web service have state?


In short we say that to train an algorithm we have to make that algorithm to run on genuine data and this is how the algorithm gets trained. What are nt major differences between Crystal and SQL reporting services?

How does Silverlight connect with databases? You as a c developer should not take any kind of risk when it comes to answering OOP question. What is the difference between Cache object and application object?

This version was widely criticized, even attracting a ‘vote of no confidence’ signed by approximately one thousand developers. The most favorite questions in ASP. Is CAS supported in. NET Entity Framework performs the joins necessary to have entity reference information from multiple tables, or when a relationship is traversed.

So how does CAS actually work? What is Cache Callback in Cache? This site has some excellent videos on. Inside the wizard it will ask us which Fact and which dimensions we want in our Cube.