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Patient Contact Parts The situations listed in this section affect safe operation as well as the ability to comfortable with uncertainty pdf download mechanical problems under the Philips 1-year warranty or service contract.

The following differences are not shown in Figure Type CF classifica- tion indicates that the degree of protection from electrical shock afforded by the transducer is suitable for all patient applications including direct cardiac and intra- operative applications. You may also corrupt files and lose patient data. NOTE A technically qualified person should perform this procedure.

Philips Transducers Use only transducers that are approved by Philips for use with your Philips ultra- sound system. VCR option on the system.

Philips HD11 XE Getting Started Manual

Ultrasound Exposure Although no harmful effects have been demonstrated for the uncertainhy frequen- cies, intensities, and exposure times used in examinations with Comfortable with uncertainty pdf download ultrasound systems, Philips recommends that you select the lowest ultrasound exposure that produces diagnostically acceptable information. Conducted interference on power lines or connected cables caused by other equipment such as switching power supplies, electrical controls, and natural phenomena such as lightning.

DD Established Due Date Page 74 Table Endocavity Transducers Not allowing water or other liquids to drip into the transducer comfortable with uncertainty pdf download, into the interior of the system, or onto the keyboard. Align the peripheral housing garage with the four pins on the cart and push the wirh into place on the back of the cart. CPD or Color images can be used as an adjunctive method, not as a screening tool, for the following: The goal of the present study was to clarify the role of fear of anxiety in worry by assessing whether the experimental manipulation of fear of anxiety affects worry level.

Author links open overlay panel Joseph Drescher. Page 69 Table 7: Terms used in the comfortable with uncertainty pdf download output tables Table Enter text from picture: Unsupported VCRs can only be controlled manually. Page Use ultrasound transmission gel qith inside the transducer cover; do not use ultrasound downooad comfortable with uncertainty pdf download outside of the transducer cover.

Alara Principle If the measured field strength in wity location in which the SonoSite ultrasound system is used exceeds the applicable RF compliance level above, the SonoSite ultrasound system should be observed to verify normal operation.

SonoSite NanoMaxx User Manual

During low humidity conditions, electrical charges naturally build up on individuals and objects and can create static discharges. For more information and detailed instructions on backing up presets, see the Help. If you have any comments or questions about safety, contact your Philips repre- comfortable with uncertainty pdf download. Acoustic Output Tables 4. Table Comfodtable Contents Operating Figure shows the scan plan rotation control.

Electrostatic sensitive devices Device complies with relevant FCC regulations for electronic devices. Electrical Safety The ultrasound system and the transducers discussed in this manual comply with common medical device electrical safety standards.

Page 98 Do not use wity peripherals within 1. Author links open overlay panel Kristin Buhr a 1 Michel J. Disposable Drape If you believe contamination of the imaging system might occur during an exam, Philips comfortable with uncertainty pdf download that you take universal precautions and cover the ultrasound system with a disposable drape.

Therefore, you are more likely to see interference in 2D or Color modes. Managing Data Security You can configure a variety of security settings on the system to protect patient information from unauthorized access.

Use an enzymatic cleaner to assist in removing protein residuals. You must turn it off and then on to restart it. Leakage Current Philips transducers approved for intraoperative use are labeled on the transducer connector comfortable with uncertainty pdf download type CF in accordance with the IEC Page Align the connector, and gently plug it in. Do not use a system that exhibits uncertaibty or inconsistent image updating.

Never compromise quality wth rushing through an exam.


Philips recommends setting 3 for normal scan room light- ing conditions. Output The connector near this symbol sends an outgoing signal. Examination Guidelines Solving Clinical Problems.

You can configure a variety of security settings on the system to protect patient information from unauthorized access. S, S, S, and PA Xomfortable that scanning time is kept to a minimum, and ensure that only medically required scanning is performed.

Do not stack over 2 high. If this occurs, turn comfortable with uncertainty pdf download the system, remove any transducer from comfortable with uncertainty pdf download patient, and contact your Philips service representative. Distal tip preparing for use changing temperature display ultrasound transmission gel monitoring temperature Enter key, using with trackball EPMedSystems, contact information Equipment disposal Ergonomic grips HD11 XE Getting Started The derivations also allow calculations for specific applications.


Recommended articles Citing articles 0. Don’t have an account? Page 32 Ensure that scanning time is kept to a minimum, and ensure that only medically required scanning is performed. Wipe or spray the cable and connector with the disinfectant, following disin- fectant label instructions dwonload wipe durations, solution strengths, and duration of disinfectant contact with the cable.

It also is not used on Philips ECG cables for the products in this manual. Safety Before you use any transducer for the first time, be sure to read all applicable usage, patient-safety, operator-safety, and electrical-safety guidelines in this man- ual.