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I saw you yesterday. No vengas sin tu tarea. Estela always gets good grades. Gira a la derecha sownload la esquina. What did you find there?

Descargas lecciones y ejercicios de inglés en PDF

He left his home last year. Estela siempre obtiene buenas calificaciones. You should visit a doctor. Look me in the eyes. Please, put the plates on the table. Do you speak English? I always do my homework. Have you ever visited Europe? What does this word mean? Ella siempre ayuda en la cocina.

Descargas lecciones y ejercicios de inglés en PDF

She is a doctor. Ella me hace un vestido. Juan says the truth. La verdad es que sin verbos no podemos transmitir una idea completa.

She took the book and put it aside. You can start the test. Give me the salt, please. I like vanilla ice cream. She is studying medicine.

Ana is very smart. Comenzamos la prueba muy temprano. Lo haremos con la ayuda de un corpus. Can irregklares hold this for me, please?

Ana es muy inteligente. The kids like to play with the dog. Juan dice la verdad. Como verbo auxiliar significa haber.

Ejercicios verbos.pdf

Can you help me move this table? I will try to call you today. She always helps in the kitchen. The company will provide the books. Her parents did not let her go.

She makes rjercicios dress for me.

Can I use the phone? You seem to be very comfortable. Think of a number from 1 to Como verbo principal significa tener. Ellos tienen muchos juguetes. Los verbos modales son otro tipo de verbos auxiliares. Turn right on the corner. She does not speak French.

Please, show me some pictures. I work on Saturdays, too. I want a coffee, please.