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Press the op buttons to choose [OK], then press the m button to start formatting. Erasing Images You can choose and erase images one at a time. Choose a Drive mode. Shooting will automatically stop when the memory card fills. The latter part explains how to change shooting and playback settings to suit your purposes. Please use a cotton swab to remove dirt, dust or other foreign pdc from the flash to prevent heat build-up and damage to the downliad. Choose [Power Saving], then canon ixus 230 hs user manual pdf download the m button.

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Follow Steps 1 — 3 on p. If anything is missing, contact the retailer where you purchased the camera. Pressing the Shutter Button To take images that are in focus, be sure to first press the shutter button lightly halfway to focus, then press fully to shoot.

Choose a transition effect. However, you should attach the camera to a tripod to prevent the camera from moving and blurring the image. Network Cameras Network Cameras. Move the zoom lever toward g. Shooting with the AE Canno You can lock the exposure and canon ixus 230 hs user manual pdf download, or set the focus and exposure separately to shoot. Enter your requirements and find the lens for you. Setting the Display Language You can change the language that displays on the screen.

Press the n button to choose [Servo AF] in the 4 tab, then press the qr buttons to choose [On].

Canon IXUS 230 HS Getting Started

Transferring Images To A Computer For Viewing You can use the included software to transfer images you have shot with the camera to a computer for viewing. In addition, the following icons appear in A mode. When formatting ends, [Memory card formatting complete] appears on the screen. Cela pourrait provoquer un dysfonctionnement du produit.

Shooting With Servo Af Shooting with Servo AF While the shutter button is pressed halfway, the focus and exposure will continue to adjust, allowing you to take pictures of moving subjects without missing a shot.

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Choose a menu item. Page Erasing Images You can choose images and then erase them in groups. Detecting a Face and Shooting Smart Shutter Detecting a Smile and Shooting The camera will shoot, even without pressing the shutter button, when it detects a smile. Follow Step 2 on p. Canon ixus 230 hs user manual pdf download, the brightness of the image on the screen, and the brightness of the actual image recorded may be different. Live for the story Stories. Choosing Images for a Photobook Choose an dowhload.

You might also like Tagging Images as Favorites Complete the rownload. Business Canon ixus 230 hs user manual pdf download Business Products.

Press the n button to choose [Erase] in the 1 tab, then press the m button. A blue frame appears when a moving subject is detected; the focus and exposure will continuously adjust Servo AF.

Since erased images cannot be recovered, exercise adequate caution before erasing. Photographers share their creative secrets. The last image you took will appear. Enter Exposure Compensation mode.


Choose an image to erase. Create beautiful video and photo timelines. Once inserted, however, they cannot be deleted.