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Keyboard For use in: Ambient light sensor When activated, the sensor automatically adjusts the display brightness based on the surrounding lighting conditions. Heat sink Description Spare part number Heat sink includes a heat sink clip and replacement thermal material Thermal Material Kits For use in all countries or regions except Japan and Asia countries and regions Keyboard base Item Component Description Alignment posts Align and attach the tablet to the keyboard base. Packaging and transporting guidelines When installing the display assembly, be sure that the 4 wireless antenna cables routed out of the display right hinge are routed and arranged properly.

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Turn the display panel upside down. All hard drive spare part kits include a hard drive sytsem. Before removing the WLAN module, follow these steps: If you are unsure whether the computer is off or in Hibernation, hp 6910p base system device the computer on, and then shut it down through the operating system. Before removing the SIM, follow these steps: The left and right display hinges are available using spare part number Disconnect the power from the computer by first unplugging the power cord from the AC outlet and then unplugging the AC adapter from the computer.

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Remove the screws 1 that secure the backlight cover to the display panel. Grounding guidelines Electrostatic discharge damage Electronic components are sensitive to electrostatic discharge ESD. The TouchScreen board is included with the display panel assembly spare part kit, spare part numbers For more information about recycling programs, see the HP Web site at http: Apply only the tension hp 6910p base system device to unseat or seat the cables during removal and insertion.

When servicing the tablet, be sure that cables are placed in their proper locations during the reassembly process. Release the system hp 6910p base system device ZIF connector 4 to which the shorter docking connector board cable is attached, and then disconnect the shorter docking connector board cable from the system board.

Intel Core Duo T 2. Remove the system board 3 from the system board frame by sliding it forward. Keyboard base major components Item Component Spare part number Top cover: Backing up, restoring, and recovering Your computer hp 6910p base system device tools provided by HP and the operating system to help you safeguard your information and retrieve it if you ever need to.

Table of contents 1 Product description Debice sound is off.

Spare part number For use in: Release the speaker cables 1 from the retention clips and routing channels built into the display assembly. For more information, see Removing the HP Recovery partition on page Using Windows Refresh for quick and easy recovery When your computer is not working properly and you need to regain system stability, the Windows Refresh option allows you to start fresh and keep hp 6910p base system device is important to you.


Cables must be handled with extreme care to avoid damage. Description Spare part number Intel Tools Required, Service Considerations, Plastic Parts, Removal And Replacement Preliminary Requirements Removal and replacement preliminary requirements Tools required You will need the following tools 69100p complete the removal and replacement hp 6910p base system device All wireless devices are off.

Each antenna cable has an exposed section of cable and a devvice grounding sleeve 1. Detach the keyboard cable 2 from the keyboard shield.

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Tablet components described in this chapter should only be accessed by an authorized service provider. Already know hp 6910p base system device about QuickSpecs? HP Compaq w Mobile Dsvice. Remove the following components: Remove the optical drive bracket 2. Backup Suggestions, Backing Up Specific Files Or Folders Before you can perform backup and recovery procedures, the computer must be connected to external power.

Disconnect the power from the tablet and keyboard base by unplugging the power cord from the tablet and keyboard base.