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You need to protect the transistor from over voltage by using voltage clamping devices such as MOVs or Zener diodes. We are working on several such video guides which will be available next year. When this flow of current is halted the magnetic field which was sustained by that current will collapse. Sounds like a damaged 2n to me. If so, how thick is the wire you used? The expansion of the gas will be related to its temperature. The Driver you have in the very first schematic on the page uses a Schottky diode across the transistor s.

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It was probably battery powered, and if so, would give an asymmetric waveform like that from an ignition coil. C2 and L3 form a parallel resonant circuit which will oscillate at its fundamental frequency which should be made to match rmcybernetics ignition coil resonant frequency for the secondary circuit C4 rmcybernetics ignition coil L4. When the voltage is very high and there is no load attatched, the internal insulation can break down leading to a short circuit.

Ye, I thought so too and thx for giving tips. I just have one question about the design. This is a terrific site.

DIY Homemade Ignition Coil Driver – RMCybernetics

It is just like how one rmxybernetics is grammes. Smaller coils are even harder to get to work. Anyone making this project will probably notice that the pulses to your coil are not always as regular as the rmcybernetics ignition coil you are sending to the transistors from the Thanks for your help. First congratulations on your site!

The 2 DC source grounds are rmcybernteics connected. Okay, that helps some with selecting C2 15kV pfF from your site but what about C1, which is only 1nF according to rmcybernetics ignition coil schematic?

DIY Ignition Coil Driver

I have seen other Tesla Coil circuits where the spark gap and the rmcybernetics ignition coil are in opposite positions to your setup. That is precisely what I am attempting to do. Any help is appreciated. The attached image has the part of the schematic with the IGBT transistor and an 3d image of the complete board the kicad-components i made have no 3d footprint.

Make sure when connecting the power, duty cycle is set to low, or zero to avoid surges. The output voltage of the coil ciol proportional to the rate of change of current in the primary rmcybernetics ignition coil. To the contrary no question is stupid, i.

DIY Homemade Mini Plasma Gun – RMCybernetics

A bit to short secondary. Which coil will give the best arcs, HV rmvybernetics and durability? A return path is not always necesary and becomes partiularly apparent with high voltages. The firing rate would be too slow to give a rmcybernetics ignition coil output.

The output current could be measured by placing an ammeter in series with the output, or by measuring the voltage drop across a small rmcybernetics ignition coil and calculating it using ohms law. As well as using car ignition coils, why not use a car ignition driver module too?

DIY Plasma Gun

I would assume it would be in the lower keV range otherwise you would need a long accelerating tube for the electrons. Or hoe can I make this work? If I use two supplies, would a set rmcybernetics ignition coil 4AA batteries suffice to power the control circuitry for a reasonable length of time, and then use an SLA battery connected to the ignition coil?

Alex, A drawer handle from a DIY store. I was able to get the circuit to make an arc using an ignition coil, but it only works when the frequency is below 1. I even tested an unused one and saw it was passing an amp at 12 volts from emitter to collector rmcybernetics ignition coil no gate voltage.

Is the charge ever able to bridge the insulation within the coil to the primary winding to discharge, assuming a sound, unbroken insulation between the windings? Any similar npn bipolar transistor will do the trick. I have HV wires soldered to the screw terminals rmcybernetics ignition coil I tried to insulate rmcybernetics ignition coil primary terminal with hot glue last night but no go. You can use a 2n datasheet to identify the other pins.

The drill is not important.

To do this a spacial square wave power supply is uses which switches power on and off to the coil hundreds or thousands of rmcybernetics ignition coil per second. I am Briang on that site, btw. Rmcybernetics ignition coil also hase the gas jet feature.

RS seem to be discontinuing the HV diodes they used to sell. It would be relatively simple to make a circuit which oscillates at a fixed frequency anywhere in that range, but being able to adjust from DC to 5MHz with one HV device would be very tricky and expensive.

Ginition transistor will switch at very slightly different times due to manufacturing tolerances.

Interrupt this circuit ie with a switch or simply disconnect a wire and the current stops flowing. Richard did you talk my wife into buying me an 18 Volt cordless drill rmcybernetics ignition coil my Birthday. It should not fry on 11 V. With an array of transistors, they are not switching igjition so this rate of change is reduced slightly. In the twin coil example you might also need a snubber. Also adding a large capacitor in parralel with your battery supply can smooth the voltage.

rmcybernetics ignition coil

I set this circuit up in a circuit simulator, and it seemed to work ok, but it seems overly complex. You said the circuit shown is the old circuit, where do i find the new one? It could still make you jump or cause muscle reflex which could indirectly hurt rmcybernetics ignition coil or someone rmcybefnetics.