Streaky black printing on the left side of the page!!!! On the image on CNet, the display plate color is white. Does anyone have a counter reset for the C? In Word, make a page will all zeroes on the page. The better way is to check weight of cartgidge properly. Which town, I may know a tech in your area who can do it – Anonymous.

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I okifata okidata c5650 remove it, and about half of okidata c5650 paper came out, ripped at the bottom. This sounds weird, but I was getting the same paper error, and kept trying to run it with no luck.

I haven’t seen all your posts so I don’t know which printer you have, but Hope that helps you. So far I okidata c5650 made about pages and everything still looks good. Hi geocha, That’s what we are trying to do.

It is ok with me Paper misfeads without it. I have been having same problems with greytone printing. If you don’t do this you may okkdata functions that will cause the machine to stop okidata c5650.

All the other colors are fine. Hope this helps others it would have helped me a great deal a year ago. Thanks for posting your experiences. Any ideas on how the “Service call – We service this model, click for details. I okidata c5650 toner okidata c5650 Uninet.

OKI I tried all the resets several times. I then ran the job until the Dubber toner ran out and replaced the Cyan cartridge with another genuine Oki cartridge with Oki toner. I’m happy to contribute a bit. I’m not sure, but in my machine C it’s pressing the “enter” buttin during some seconds. I just tried it on my and it worked. It will not print anything They have both glossy and okidata c5650 toner. Looks like a fuser error okidata c5650 the service manual: Fuser Kit V, C, 60K.

For those that want to know how to reset the Fatal Error code, the fuse is with the thermistor. This works – keep track of what you are doing Image Drum, Magenta with 1K toner cartridge15K. I worked in the shaded entrance of the okidata c5650 with the door open.

Check reproducibility if possible. Toner Cartridge, Black, 24K. Oki toner cartridge position error ? The life limits for toners, drums, fuser units, belts etc, can be changed from the default values. You wouldn’t okidata c5650 any print in that area.

Okidata OKI Laser Printer supplies, fusers, rollers, repair parts, toner print cartridges

If you have been refilling your cartridges without emptying the waste toner the okidata c5650 willo eventually jam.

Yes, this worked on an Okidata C Image Drum, Magenta, 20K. How dit you reset the counter okdiata It means something it stuck in your fuser unit.

OKI Okidata c5650 spare parts list.

Service Manuals

Beware that you will have to keep a okidata c5650 eye on print quality since you are no longer relying on error message to tell you when your toner cartridges are in need of a replacement okidata c5650 refill, or the drum o,idata needs to be changed or refurbished. Am seeing up to here but not the rest of the information on the printer to conclude the restting of the toners for the okidatta cN 5.

Update Same procedure for the models: Does anyone knows what kind of error okidzta this?

And the other three colours are coming up drum okidwta life. Hey Opus, so far as Okidata c5650 know, you can only reset the okidata c5650 via replacing the fuse. Reseat okidata c5650 Toner Cartridges. I needed to print just a few pages in black and white, but the yellow was c56550. I just reset my C and it works perfect. Plugs in on the CU CCA, that’s the board the network cable plugs into, the board pulls out in the back of the printer.

The fuse, as stated before, is placed in the right arm of the drum unit. Image Drum, Black ships with 1K toner15K. Hi Capacity Print Cartridge, Probably no okidata c5650 that 1, copies.