I was “unthrilled” at first, but I knew it would take time to get it where I wanted it. And even with the Volume dimed, it stays tight — awash in smooth, pleasing class A gain. The unit is well built. ToneLab ST delivers the signal to your computer digitally, with no degradation in sound, for flawless recordings. I play on top of the line guitars and amps, and the Tonelab ST was the final missing element to the sound I have been searching for for decades. This thing is perfect for most hobbyists like myself.

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Vox doesn’t directly tell you tonflab names of the amp models, but instead give you vague hints in their descriptions. B1 and B1x Patches: Vox tonelab st addition to both amplifier and cabinet models, there is also a wide variety of expertly modeled effects.

Personally i think the best of all the tonelab stuff is the LE model. Compact in size, the on-the-go ToneLab ST effects pedal is vox tonelab st on features and huge on tone. Its relativly a worthless feature. This pedal is SO worth the money.

I was “unthrilled” at first, but I knew it would take time to get it where I wanted it. The key is when you back off vox tonelab st volume on the guitar, the amp mod acts just like the real amp vox tonelab st cleans up very nicely.

There are only 3 types of reverb, but they work quite nicely. I have to qualify this a bit though as I am using it thru a very high quality amp and cab Hiwatt Custom 50 and Marshall to start with. I highly recommend getting this if you are curious!! Log into your account. I just gigged with this for the first time and it was just awesome. You get a collection of awesome amps and cabinets in a small portable package.

Seems Vox has really stepped up to the vox tonelab st and answered the calls to modernize it’s amp mods.

50 Years of Vox | Vintage Guitar® magazine

Together with the preset programs, this gives you a total of programs, available on demand. My friend has a Digitech and all of the tones sounded fake and fine editing was lacking. I was never a vox tonelab st of multi-effects pedals. I must admit most of them are far better than the presets on the SE when I got it new You cannot easily jump to set program instead having to go thru each one, one at a time, to vox tonelab st to your desired program.

Instead, it is used as part of a power amp circuit.

Sh ST Our most compact ToneLab ever offers thirty-three different amp models with a versatile selection of cabinets and effects vo take your guitar playing to the next level.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Vox amplifiers must feel flattered to pieces here in their sixth decade. Sophisticated top-to-bottom modeling technology Through the years, a handful of guitar gox have provided the inspiration and created the driving force behind the greatest guitar performances in history.

The volume on tonelabb pedal was up half way the vox tonelab st volume knob on the front beside the input jacks and the volume on the amp was at 3 and it was way loud enough with vox tonelab st more to go if needed.

Nothing pounds euipment like shows. But the ToneLab ST goes even further, adding 11 classic cabinet tondlab that can be mixed and matched with any amp model. From large amp stacks to mini-combo amps and multi-effect units, the series boasts a diverse gox, and can be seen vox tonelab st stage, in the studio, and in the home. On the other hand it is nice that it is highly adjustable and that many parameters vox tonelab st be assigned to the expression pedal such as delay times, reverb, etc.

Sophisticated extras include an auto chromatic tuner, sound management software for your PC, and convenient USB audio interface operations. This is a nice unit. The Guitar-organ was a Dick Denney creation that combined the mechanical elements of a Phantom guitar with the oscillators vox tonelab st a Continental electric keyboard.

Registration Downloads Contact Us. This is good for live use where each place you play sounds different. Channel 2 uses the Top Boost preamp and two inputs, with a 6dB difference in gain.

50 Years of Vox

And Vox at certainly got it. Vox has always been best known for amplifiers, but a few other instruments deserve a cursory mention at least.

Mine took one hit inside a padded hard case and quit working. I mean it looks like a toy Use to have POD2 and the tube does make a vox tonelab st of difference!!!! Accessories For Orchestral Strings. The vox tonelab st things Sf wish I could change are: Any use of these product names or trademarks of other manufacturers should not vox tonelab st construed as an endorsement, association or affiliation with guitarpatches. It is slightly unstable and has a little tuning problem to my ears.

Tube tone and a ton of amp, cab, and effect models. That’s amp and cabinet combinations available instantly. Compact enough to go anywhere, the ToneLab ST is the ideal companion for the travelling guitarist who requires professional, true-tube sound. This is a very good multi-efx-modeler. It does so wonderfully.