The idea is simple: Review Sections Review Specs. AMD is particularly proud of its PCB design which is admittedly quite compact despite featuring more than twice the silicon of a single Radeon HD Each GPU has 16 lanes going to it, and then the final 16 lanes head directly to the PCIe connector and out to the motherboard’s chipset. The best iPhone asks you to think different. The slowdown appears to be specific to Call of Duty 4 , so you shouldn’t worry too much about particle effects in other games killing your frame rate, but the issue here illustrate that, like SLI, Crossfire is susceptible to quirks, and is not always a perfect solution. Call of Duty 4 Longer bars indicate better performance.

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Each GPU has 16 lanes going to it, and atj the final 16 lanes head directly to the PCIe connector and out to ati radeon 3870 x2 motherboard’s chipset. Don’t show this again. Review Sections Review Specs.

Radeon HD X2 Can Run PC Game System Requirements

ati radeon 3870 x2 We would feel much more strongly 38870 this recommendation if ATI had the drivers to back up this card’s hardware prowess, especially because, by the time ATI does polish the ardeon, Nvidia may have made new product introductions. AMD Radeon R7 ati radeon 3870 x2 Quake Wars Half Life 2: The Bottom Line The 3D graphics card market changes too rapidly for us to get bullish about a card with premature driver software.

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight. Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. Visit manufacturer site for details. I look forward to getting two ati radeon 3870 x2 these babies and setting them up for crossfire mode.

The real story is that AMD would lose money on a high end part if ahi wasn’t competitive, which is why we feel that there’s nothing more expensive than the XT.

Continue to next page 01 In a highly unexpected move, AMD indicated that it would not be introducing any higher end graphics cards. While the standard uses 2. Mark Zuckerberg hammered by ati radeon 3870 x2 over scandals. If you want the best bang for the buck, then the Sapphire card is way too expensive. Specifications and images by techpowerup.

Click to Enlarge The card is long, measuring One reason to wait a bit with your purchase is that this month both AMD and NVIDIA will launch their new high-end products, ati radeon 3870 x2 will certainly have very competitive performance and pricing.

Excellent, powerful — and pricey.

ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2: 2 GPUs 1 Card, A Return to the High End

PassMark Industry standard benchmark for overall graphics card performance Data courtesy Passmark. Unreal Tournament 3 Longer bars indicate better performance.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Google Home Mini sounds great but lacks vision. Anyone who would rather an nvidia is out of their mind.

Sapphire’s card uses higher clock speeds, an extra pump and a bigger fan which causes the total power draw ati radeon 3870 x2 increase by about 10 Watts which isn’t that much.

I’ve never had radfon problem with any ATI card I’ve owned, but every single nvidia one has had some horrible design flaw leading to it’s horrible, crippling ati radeon 3870 x2, usually through overheating. Radeon HD X2. Despite the codename, the product name tells the entire story: Unfortunately the extra performance gained from the overclocks is not as big as one would expect, but still, it’s the fastest X2 card.

According to AMD, it loses money on high end parts rwdeon is why we won’t see anything more expensive than the XT this time around. Thanks to the point-to-point nature of the PCI Express interface, that’s all you need ati radeon 3870 x2 this elegant design to work. raedon

Both overclocks are good, I have a radeom that additional memory overclocks would be possible if the memory on the back of the card would be cooled as well. Like this title, many PC games will benefit from Crossfire and the two-chip design, allowing you to play them at very high ati radeon 3870 x2 and image-quality settings. This card seems to check out pretty nicely, and I haven’t heard of many problems as yet.