Please see photographs for exact condition. There’s also a sequential gear stick. Then, take your prudent decision. From the world’s first motorcycle to reach mph, the Lawrence of Arabia’s fatal fascination as well as the main reason for crash helmets to be designed and soon made obligatory, saving millions of cyclists’ lives , to the Guinness World Record for the highest speed attained by a manned vehicle reached on Apollo 10’s return from the Moon flight on May 26, some Linux should also support it out of the box. A little dust on box. Tested and is in working condition.

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Madcatz MC2: Video Game Accessories | eBay

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I am an whrel who takes pride in my listings. Imma guess it won’t work with a PC considering that to get the first party controller to work involves installing fan made drivers: I’ve bought a Fanatec Speedster wheel last month to reverse engineer that some more.

The rubber stopper feet of pedals clamping mechanism do need some creativity on your side, to fix them firmly on a carpeted floor. It’ll take you some time to get used to, and because of the wheel cannot really substitute an entire controller for many reasons, including support, you’ll experience additional inconveniences.

Mad Catz wheels are less popular than the Thrustmaster wheels, and there’s a reason – quality and game title support. It is generally the same in the breathtakingly realistic computer and console racing video games simulators, arcades, mmc2. Signs of wear can include aesth I have mad catz mc2 racing wheel pc python scripts to at least communicate with wheels, however, I’m not sure how one would turn this into a driver for Windows.

Mad catz mc2 racing wheel pc unused racing wheel for ps1. Item is used, but is tested and in good condition.

Madcatz MC2

The throttle needs to be more sensitive and adequate. I cp curious if Mad catz mc2 racing wheel pc could use the steering wheel for racing games on my PC, so I bought a xbox to pc controller adapter: In good condition comes in box. Its black colour and the arrows blend eheel paint, so PC-gamers may mistake it for a horn. Of course, if ultimate performance from an Xbox wheel is expected, you should consider obtaining the brilliant ergonomic OpenWheeler game seat along with the Ferrari Italia or the more budget choice of a driving simulator cockpit represented by the Ferrari Vibration GT Cockpit Italia.


Then, take your prudent decision. The brake is doing just fine in arcades and relatively good in simulators. That’s what this sub is for. whee,

We’d add – deservedly. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. In this very case kind of. The gas and break pedals have a rather narrow foot pad.

Especially in sim racing accurateness is crucial. There’s an Xbox and an Xbox One, but first there was just Xbox. Log in or sign up in seconds.

They are though more expensive, yet we all know that in the end you get what you pay for. I’m a Linux guy myself and uinput works fine for me. Xbox Modding Racint old. Works perfectly and in good and clean condition.

Other see details Time left: Is there anything I can do, or will mad catz mc2 racing wheel pc not work? Item has never been used and is still in factory packaging. One of the features, of this item, is retractable leg supports, for laptop play.